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For me personally:

S Tier

  • Sony Santa Monica- Loved God of War 2018, hyped for the sequel when I eventually get a PS5
  • Insomniac- Loved Spider-Man 2018 (though I hate the redesign they did on Peter for the PS5 version), and I'm hoping they do something with Sunset Overdrive soon
  • Guerilla Games- Horizon Zero Dawn was great, will definitely play Forbidden West when I eventually get a PS5

A Tier

  • Sucker Punch- Infamous Second Son was only ok, but Ghost of Tsushima was great, so I'm putting them on A tier. Wish they were a bit faster, took them 6 years to make Ghost of Tsushima, hopefully they expand some so that they can develop faster, because they are quite small for a AAA currently with only 169 employees

B Tier

  • Naughty Dog- They were once S tier for me, as I loved Uncharted, but they may have moved on from Uncharted now (we don't know if the new Uncharted they were reportedly devloping with Bend is still in development or not), and I don't like TLOU at all, especially TLOU 2. Will have to see if their rumored new IP or the next Uncharted can return them to a higher tier.

C Tier

  • Polyphony- Gran Turismo is technically proficient, but I always preferred Forza Motorsport, so Polyphony isn't really my cup of tea
  • Bend- Good graphics on Days Gone, but I didn't really like the game itself. Will have to see if the new IP they are now developing is more my cup of tea.
  • Housemarque- Returnal looked good and ran well, but it's not really my cup of tea, not into roguelike
  • Pixelopus- There games are creative, but not really my cup of tea
  • Media Molecule- I appreciate their game creation games, but not really something that ever interested me
  • San Diego- They make popular baseball games, but baseball was never my scene
  • Asobi Studio- Decent platforms, not my cup of tea

D Tier

  • San Mateo Studio- Support studio, nothing much to say about them, they perform a needed function for Sony 1st party, but nothing hype worthy 
  • Malaysia- Support studio like San Mateo
  • Nixxes- PC port studio, nothing hype worthy unless you only game on PC I guess
  • XDev- They are basically the equivalent of Xbox's Global Publishing 2nd party division, working with external devs to make PS exclusives, like Returnal (before Housemarque was acquired) and Until Dawn
  • London Studio- VR games, couldn't care less about those