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Chrkeller said:
CaptainExplosion said:

^This. I'm sick of Nintendo's Disney vault bullshit. Sure that guy was profiting off his piracy, but Nintendo's also in the wrong because they're not even trying to give adequate legal alternatives to ROM sites. Even Konami is doing what Nintendo won't do, and they're still in the public's cross-hairs for reducing many of their own IPs to pachinko machines and fucking over Hideo Kojima.

Sure, Nintendo did a compilation cartridge for Switch, but once again they went the Disney route and made it a limited release. -_-

Nintendo legally owns their IP.  They don't owe you anything.  What Nintendo owes is shareholders value in their brand.

Shareholders are just a bunch of prunes in suits who don't give a shit about gamers, and no, Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing. If they did know what they're doing then we'd have Virtual Console on Switch instead of a substandard subscription system with an increasingly lackluster catalogue. Seriously, Switch Online went from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy to Jelly Boy, and without Earthbound or Super Mario RPG, which is brings the conclusion that they're out of touch.