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Ka-pi96 said:
Hiku said:

The one solution he found was to pawn the club to a private equity group, but that would affect them negatively for the next 50 years, and would put the club at an even bigger risk than it is in now.

That's not his solution, that's something that came from La Liga. They're planning to sell a stake in the league to the private equity group. All the clubs will get a couple hundred million each now, but 10% of all La Liga and Segunda Liga revenue will go to that equity group for 50 years. Barcelona (and Real Madrid) are very much against it.

Yeah. But Laporta was talking about that as something they could do to keep Messi.

- We would have had to pawn the club, which would affect us for the next 50 years when it comes to TV rights. I needed to make a decision, he says.

- We can not expose the club to an even greater risk.

Barça om Messi: "Skulle påverka oss i 50 år" (