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It don't matter the platform it releases either Xbox , PS5 , and / or Nintendo console I'll always support Sega , Yes my youtube name and everywhere else is SegaSaturn Heart, I'm a Huge Saturn fan , Alot of my Sega games are digital or Physical , I love the collection of Sega games I build made by Sega or their Subsidiary Atlus to an extent I have alot of Atlus games . mainly 3DS games like Shin megami record breaker 2,plus CD limited edition I bought at launch , Stellaglow by atlus , Etrian odyssey fafnir knught , I always support both , It might not happen but hopefully Sega comes back so we'll have 4 kings again console market like it was in 6th gen .I'll just show these 6 I have more video's of my older Sega collection From Sega Saturn made from Sega , and many more 3DS and Sega Physical games I didnt include here like Sonic Unleashed physical for Xbox 360 etc

It's easy to picture Miss Xbox AKA Vert from Hyperdimension Neptunia with Pigtails and younger, Just give her pigtails and make her 2 year younger look at the one far left example , answered.