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curl-6 said:
trunkswd said:

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are the biggest confirmed games for this holiday. While Metroid fans are excited for Dread, the series has never been that popular compared to other Nintendo franchises. 

I'm still holding out for Mario Odyssey 2 (or possibly a Galaxy 3 or 64 2.)

Yeah I don't think the Diamond/Pearl remakes will be system sellers as they're remakes of old games, low effort ones at that, and the Pokémon fanbase seems to already be on board by now. Switch will cruise out the rest of the year on its evergreen catalogue, which is enough for it to sell well, but I think hopes of a 30 million year are over.

I do own Lets Go Eevee and Sword, but Diamond/Pearl remakes don't interest me with how lazy it looks of a remake. Legends looks interesting. I just need to see more from it before deciding on buying it or not. 

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