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IcaroRibeiro said:
curl-6 said:

Well, for me personally the main things that made it better than Blind Forest were the improved combat, pacing, world-building, variety, visuals, and save system.

I agree with visuals, but it was costly. The game is leggy on handheld mode, mostly unplayable in some sections and the game crashed about 6 times in an 18 hours playthrough, too much for my taste 

Costly for the Switch, which the game was never meant to release on...

Anyways. If you played at launch, the crashes were really bad. They've improved since then, a lot, but in handheld mode especially things are still kinda rough. Docked is way better.

I don't really agree with anything else you've said about the game, personally I think it's a huge improvement over Blind Forest in every way. Was particularly saddened by your comment about uninspired bosses as WotW's final boss is probably my favorite boss fight in all of gaming. Also Mora was great. But this is one of my favorite ever games we're talking about, so, yeah.

Glad you loved it, curl. It really is incredible.