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Hiku said:
Mar1217 said:

Here's a familiar statement we had throughout all these discussions.

I sure do hope for their mental safety, they're right on this one. Otherwise, the internet will throw a magnificient tantrum at them.

Best to not lump the rumors about specific dates in with Bloomberg's report about it existing, that Eurogamer corroborated through their own sources.

The info about announcement and pre-order dates, price, etc is not coming from the same place, so their credibility (if any) should be viewed separately.

I know some might, but these last rumors were coming from elsewhere the Twitter verse so not seeing any backup support from said "official" sources was a flag in itself.

Still, they've got a week(or less) to be heard from cuz if the Pro is no show in the next few days ...  I fear some of them will be forced into hiding.

Torpoleon said:

We're due for a new Kirby game soon and though I have doubts it would release this holiday, especially if all the other stuff I mentioned happens, I could see it being announced this year. Maybe in addition to another spin-off that release this year.

They don't usually release both Mainline games and spin-offs in the same year.

Anywoo, mainline games have recently trended to release in the Spring period so I'm enthusiastic to think that we may be getting a new game this next spring, if we were to see a reveal this E3 ^^

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