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sundin13 said:
KLAMarine said:

I agree, very ludicrous.

What isn't ludicrous is calling out HOW 'white supremacy' is called out. The very racialization of 'systems' and 'privilege', for example, is very problematic, leads to 'othering', something you condemned in this very thread, yet some do not hesitate to 'other' whites and create the setting for injustices like another disabled teen getting kidnapped and tortured.

Let's proceed more carefully.

If I have crossed a line anywhere in my comments in this thread or otherwise, I encourage you to call it out. However, I take umbrage with the implication that calling out white supremacy is in itself an example of racism. This seems to be an incredibly lazy way of excusing and enabling these systems, by putting blame on those who seek to dismantle them.  

That strategy has been prevalent among conservatives for a long time.

That the societal problem isn't the actual problem, but the people calling it out/trying to solve it are the real problem.
Some common examples I'm sure you see every day:

- You want universal healthcare like every other developed nation? No, we can't do that, because it'll be worse.
- Wear masks and social distance? No, it's just the flu, and a hoax. It infringes on my rights and the economy will be ruined.
- Reduce carbon emissions to prevent global warming? No, that'll just ruin the economy, and it's a hoax.
- Properly tax billionaires? No, they'll just move to another country, so lets give them a 300 trillion tax break instead.
- Ban assault rifles? That will just make things more dangerous for law abiding citizens. We need more guns.
- Unions for workers? No, that'll make workers sufffer more.
- Trump supporters storming the capitol building? No, those were mainly lefties.

And then of course, calling out racism is the actual racism.

Last edited by Hiku - on 05 June 2021