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S.Peelman said:

Great show. I felt a vibe of patriotic pride. Our song was pretty meh, but getting no points from the public at all was harsher than I thought it would be. Germany was terrible. Really terrible. UK wasn’t good either. Still loved Portugal, was my favorite over the course of the three shows. Disappointed it didn’t get much recognition from the public. Malta’s low score was surprising as well. Still, glad Italy won, good song. So was France.

When you think about it, Malta's score wasn't surprising. There has been a clear trend of bonus points towards songs that are about a topic of interest. This year's "strong women" songs were outclassed by the desire for an end of COVID lockdowns and being told what you are allowed to do, so that's where all these points went. Italy's song wasn't anything special nor were most people able to understand the lyrics, but it got mentioned often enough what their song was about. On the plus side, Italy's song wasn't terrible, unlike some of the other more recent song contest winners.

In other news, 66% of Germany's points came from Austria's jury. I am not sure if this should make me feel sad or if I should view it as an epic troll move, i.e. pity points.

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