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I get to make a pretty cool announcement today. Thanks to @TruckOSaurus we've got new front page hardware charts!

It's the final piece of the front page puzzle and means that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series are finally displayed in the charts! Of course the Switch's huge head-start makes the percentages a bit amusing at present, but it'll be interesting to watch them change over time.

Update 1.

Initial Post:

Here's what you should be seeing at the top left of the front page (colours will vary slightly, depending on the site theme you use - I use the blue one):

There are also a bunch of new charts, including platform history charts for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. These are all viewable using the drop-down menu underneath the charts:

We've changed the labels slightly, removing the word 'gen', and dividing modern platforms into Legacy and Current. This has allowed us to continue to display market shares (which is a pretty interesting stat to follow, so I didn't want it removed). For Switch you can view its market share in relation to PS5 & XS, or in relation to PS4 & XO - whichever you prefer:

The WiiU was a figment of your imagination.

I should also say the platform labels are currently placeholders - we're hoping to replace them with nicer images at some point. @Raven is currently helping out with that.

Finally, once again a big thank you to Trucks. We wouldn't have been able to have these new charts without him doing this in his spare time.

Last edited by Machina - on 04 May 2021