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Xxain said:
shikamaru317 said:

I mean, Death Stranding was pretty far from being my cup of tea, but looking at it objectively it was hardly a flop. Got an 82 on metacritic on PS4 and 86 on it's late PC release, was nominated for many awards and won 9 of them, had the biggest launch for a new IP in Japan the entire generation (beating out Sega's Judgment launch by about 40k copies), hit 3m+ players on PS4 and made back it's budget and started turning a profit within 6 months of release, then sold another 477k on the first month of it's PC launch and has sold over 1m on PC now according to Steam Spy, with the publisher of the PC version reporting today that it brought in 23m euros in revenue for them. 

Its not a flop but it did not garner any of the praise Hideo Kojima is used too from the industry or gamers. How many people are putting DS in the game of the year/best PS4 games list? It was also clear that SONY was happy with games initial performance; they pretend the game does exist. There was also that rumor that SONY's other studios were also unhappy with the amount of money spent on the game vs its performance. 

Death Stranding is not even in the PS+ collection for cryin out loud! but Days Gone is?

I agree that Kojima has damaged his reputation some with Death Stranding. But I still think it's a pretty big win for MS for several reasons:

  1. It's rumored to be a horror game, and the horror fanbase is going to go nuts when they hear that Kojima, who was responsible for the fantastic PT, is working on a new horror game. MS already has Tango (who will likely release The Evil Within 3 in the near future) and Ninja Theory's Project Mara coming soon, add on a Kojima horror game to that and it could cement Xbox Series as the console to own for horror fans.
  2. It's rumored to be an episodic game, which is perfect for driving long term gamepass subs
  3. Geoff Keighley is a major Kojima fanboy and is going to hype the hell out of it, giving MS lots of free marketing for the game. He will want to air trailers for it and bring Kojima himself out on stage on his yearly Game Awards show each year until all episodes of the game are released, and his Awards show has now reached 83 million total viewers in 2020 with 8.3m peak concurrent viewers, so that is alot of free marketing for the game.
  4. Death Stranding sold over 400k in Japan, if this Kojima game can even help MS move 1/4th that many Xbox Series units in Japan (than they would have sold without it) that is already a win for them since it will help to encourage more JP 3rd party devs to release on Xbox.
Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 07 April 2021