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While Capcom did not create the survival horror genre, they certainly defined it with their popular Resident Evil series. The mixture of solving puzzles and conserving ammo in dark settings excited gamers despite, or maybe even because of its limitations. In the early age of 3D games, most developers had problems to create good controls and a functional camera, but Capcom mostly got around this by using prerendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles which made the games even scarier.

But as the general development experience grew, the approach of what we nowadays call classic Resident Evil became stale, so the series reinvented itself with its sixth game, Resident Evil 4. While the increased focus on action wasn't embraced by every fan, it secured the series a future. At least until the action went so overboard with Resident Evil 6 that Capcom had to go back to the drawing board and figure out a better balance between old and new beloved traits of the Resident Evil series.

What's your favorite main series Resident Evil game?


Bonus question: What are your hopes and expectations for the upcoming Resident Evil VIII?

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