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hinch said:
Bristow9091 said:

I shit you not, I read this on my phone just before coming onto my PC and seeing you've tagged me lol :P

See guys, even Japan says Final Fantasy X is the best!

Lol thought you'd be happy to see that.

I mean I mostly agree with that poll.. maybe not the 1st pick xD

Also.. who are the 27 people voting for XV.. wtf haha

Hey, I quite liked XV... granted the gameplay was, well... yeah, lol. I really enjoyed the story, it had some gorgeous set pieces and boss fights, the world although empty, was VERY pretty, and the music was top tier! :P For those reasons alone I'd happily put it in my top ten if I were to make a list, although if I did I'd probably upset more than a few people considering things like XIII and XV would be above VII and VIII, lol :P