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JRPGfan said:

"Between the UK and EU, only one of them is actively stopping the vaccines from being shipped out with political interference, and it's not us, we only want what we paid and signed for."

Yes... between the two UK or EU, only one of them is makeing vaccines, and shipping them outsides their borders.
(btw the EU is still shipping out vaccines, it isn't actively stopping them from being shipped out, its thinking about it only)

And its the EU.

"we only want what we paid for"

So does the EU. Its getting screwed over by AZ.
First come, first serve.... doesnt apply, when AZ screwed up its production, and had to take vaccines made in the EU and ship to the UK to fix it.
At the cost of the EU citizens.

You say I'm the one spreading FUD? 
(EU hasnt even started stopping vaccines from being shipped out, while the UK has been doing so for months and months)

Lmao, your the one twisting facts.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.... its a duck.

UK isnt allowing any vaccines made in the UK shipped out.
Reguardless of how they went about that. Its still the situation.

EU is "thinking" about not allowing them to be shipped out.
It hasnt actually acted on it (to bad imo), if the UK can be a bish about vaccines, EU should be allowed to as well.
Don't see why EU should be kid gloves and kind to the UK when the UK isnt to the EU.

Sounds like you don't realize how incompetent German politicians are. This vaccination thing isn't unlike the NATO issue where Trump demanded that Germany reserves 2% of its own GDP for spending on military after Germany had hovered just above 1% for the longest time. This was portrayed as Trump pushing for his "America First" agenda, but the actual NATO terms are that each member state spends 2% of its respective GDP, so in reality Germany was getting by cheap and the actual culprit in the issue.

Regarding vaccination, it's really as simple as LurkerJ says: If there was actual foul play, the EU would threaten to go to court instead of making hollow statements to create a narrative where the blame lies somewhere else instead of with the EU's shopping strategy for vaccines.

On a sidenote, when I heard the news that the USA has decided to vaccinate its own people first before they export vaccines, I shook my head in disbelief. Not because the USA prioritizes their own people, but because it was reported in a way as if that was a dishonorable thing to do.

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