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PAOerfulone said:

The '21 PS4 has been consistently down all 5 weeks against the '14 PS3 thus far. While U.S. and Europe remain competitive in this comparison, the Japan and Rest of the World comparisons have been completely one-sided up to this point.

The Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 comparison has been anything but competitive thus far, with the 360 continuously adding to its lead by considerable margins and pulling further away from the Xbox One. This one is pretty much a forgone conclusion.

I think those 2 have to be 21'PS4 vs 15'PS3 or vs 14'XB360 to be more comparable and interesting ..

and the other one 21'XB1 vs 15'XB360 or vs 15'PS3 again to be more comparable and to at least have some chance of fighting ..

Because neither will make their predecessor numbers for 2014. PS4 is not making close to 4M this year (if there is no some surprising pricecut)

and XB1 is not making 2.7M for sure.

With the 2014 for 360 (PS4 vs 360) and 2015 for 360 (XB1 vs 360) comparison we will have more clear look at where sales for the two consoles are going this year.

How much PS4 is going above the 2.7M of 360 that year, and how much XB1 is doing comparing it to the around 1M sales of the 360 in 2015.

Or if you want to include PS3 it can be XB1 vs PS3 in 2015 or XB1 vs PS3 in 2016 1.7M and 700k both will be close enough.

I think for the purpose of comparing the sales and to be interesting battle and to have any point in doing it in first place you can make those changes,

yes maybe it will not make full sense because it won't be the old consoles first year for the XB1 comparison, and the PS4 will be vs the competitor console, however it will really be much much more interesting to all than those battles now, cuz they are already done..

Last edited by yo33331 - on 20 February 2021