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Because it'll be amusing in hindsight, but I'm not competiting for the crown here :P Only for stuff we do not know the release date of at least.

1. Great Ace Attorney Collection gets announced (really likely due to Capcom's leak), release date is due to early Spring
2. New trailer for Hollow Knight : Silksong with a release window for Fall 2021
3. Bayonetta 3 gets it's true reveal here with a bombastic trailer. Bayonetta has a new hairstyle once again. Release for Summer 2021
4. Shin Megami Tensei V has a new trailer with the definitive date for it's release : May 28th 2021
5. Nintendo makes a "out of left field" announcement with a teaser for a new IP.
6. No announcement for an eventual MK9 or Mario Strikers
7. Good Feel showcases a new IP in a cutesy but action-packed trailer.
8. "One last thing" is a teaser for the upcoming 35th anniversary Direct for Zelda next week.
9. New Kirby spin-off in colab with From Software starring Meta Knight as the protagonist.
10. Early teaser for Monolith Soft new IP, people loses their shit on stream.
11. Metroid Prime Trilogy is not shown here.
12. 2D Metroid game gets revealed. People get outraged for it not being about MP4

13. The new character revealed for Smash Ultimate is ... BANDANA WADDLE DEE :D

Last edited by Mar1217 - on 17 February 2021

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