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Howdy all -

Since the last major update, it may have seemed like I took a vacation from the website - but that couldn't be farther from the truth! For the past month or so, I have been working hard on a complete rebuild of the commenting section in our articles. The list of improvements is quite long, and I've had to enlist the help of a number of different people, in order to test all of these changes out! @Ryuu96 and @Machina have been doing the standard beta-testing for me to ensure functionality and format are correct, and I've also had to pull in @padib to help ensure this functionality is secure from a technical standpoint! There have been a few minor issues here and there that I've combed out, but for the most part the functionality appears to be complete!!

So - what exactly has changed, you might ask? Well, here's the list (and I hope I don't happen to leave something out!!):

 - ajax'd the entire page (no more page refreshes needed, at all)

 - added the ability to "reply to a reply" directly - no need to "@" somebody you're trying to address, you can reply directly to them now

 - all replies have a link next to the username, indicating the comment that was replied to (hovering over will pop-up a small box showing who and what was replied to - clicking the link will scroll to and flag an indicator next to the comment that was replied to)

 - real-time notifications will appear if other people happen to comment while you are already in that particular comment section (clicking the notification will automatically pull in any new commentsreplies, and will also flag an indicator next to each new entry)

 - editing is now possible

 - sorting is now possible (you can sort by date (oldest or newest) or vote rating (highest or lowest))

 - markdown is now enabled! For those of you unfamiliar with markdown syntax - think Discord or other modern chat services. An "*" on either side of text will output italics, two "*" on either side will do bold. Anybody who is interested in the vast cabilities of the markdown standard, can read up on it all here.

 - I've disabled the "spam reporting" - if you're not sure what that is, it was an obsolete "feature" which marked any comment that had a URL in it as "hidden" until a moderator approved. This, obviously led to a lot of confusion - where people would post a comment with a link and not see anything post, at all!!

 - deleted comments no longer "disappear" - they are now bookmarked with a "comment was deleted" text so that others don't look as though they are replying to ghosts!

 - general formatting was cleaned up (both for desktop and mobile) and font changed to "lato" to match the rest of the website

 - the "Top 5" articles on the front page now display the comment totals (the same way the rest of the Latest Articles do)

 - comment notifications are working accurately (at least, as far as I can tell!!) - but they may need some additional cleaning or clarification - communtity feedback on this is encouraged and welcomed!!


Probably missed a few of the changes - or maybe I got them all, I have no idea!! Regardless, have a go at it and hit me back right here in this thread, with any comments, questions, or bugs!!!

Edit 1: One new feature I neglected to mention (and I knew it wouldn't take long, before I realized additional updates I left off the list!!!!), is within the markdown functionality. I built a "custom" markdown syntax that can be used to deploy the same "spoiler" format we use here in the forums. Text with double "|" pipes on either side, will get wrapped in the "spoiler" code and will hide the content of the text.

Bug Fix 1: Found that the "hovering" over the "reply-to" link as not generating the "user card" like it was supposed to - this now works!

Last edited by TalonMan - on 04 January 2021