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kenjab said:

In followups, Mat Piscatella also said that XBox Series didn't set a record, so it's less than XBox One sold at launch.

The XBO holds the record for best launch month for an Xbox system, and #2 best launch month ever. That would put the Series X/S at under 909k.

Of course, like others have said, supply matters more than demand at launch. That's why we shouldn't put too much stock into these first two months of sales. Launch sales have never been a good barometer of future performance. Prior to the start of Gen 8, the record for best sales in launch month for a home console was the OXbox, which sold 722k in Nov. 2001 (if we include handhelds, the previous record was was held by the GBA, which sold 881k in June 2001, but that was a 5-week period which means it averaged less per week than the OXbox did, despite being available for longer during its launch month). However, the OXbox was totally outperformed by the PS2 nearly its entire run, excepting five mostly non-consecutive months in 2004. Meanwhile, the three best-selling home consoles ever in the U.S., the PS2, 360, and Wii, had relatively mediocre launches, with supply issues not being resolved until months after launch.

The real test for both the PS5 and XSX/S will be next year once supply issues are fully resolved.

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