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Metallox said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Football Manager has a bunch of logos/kits too, and you can download any that it's missing so you can still have official logos/kits for every team in the game if you want. That said, they aren't even the same genre. They may both be football games, but they're about as different as Fire Emblem Warriors and regular Fire Emblem are to each other, so Football Manager shouldn't really be considered as an alternative to FIFA's career mode. Way too different.

As for the rest of the thread, no you're a good person. FIFA's an awesome game!

I could try downloading all the missing stuff. Is it a hassle to do or can it be done automatically through Steam Workshop or something like that? 

Not sure if you can do it through the Steam Workshop or not, maybe not due to licensing issues.

I use to download the graphics though. Then adding them to the game is simple. There should be a Sports Interactive/Football Manager folder in your documents for save games already, add a Graphics folder there and then just dump all the images you download in there (you can split them into separate files such as Logos, Kits etc. to organise it a bit too. Then load up the game, go to preferences, interface then turn off caching and reload the skin. You now have official logos, kits, player faces or whatever else.

The only annoying part is how big some of the files are. I think the facepacks add up to over 30GB in total.

Also worth mentioning that this affects saves in progress too. So you can just do it as and when you want. Maybe you see a club without kits/logos in the game so just go and download theirs and then they'll be in the game from then on.