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DroidKnight said:

The curved screen is a 32" 4k 60fps monitor that I have the Xbox Series X hooked up to. It will also serve the PS5 when I'm able to acquire one later.

The projector I have set at 12' diagonal and is 1080p 60fps.  I currently have my Switch, PS4 Pro, and One X hooked up to it.  It's also my goto for regular satellite tv watching and for my movies.

The room is 9 foot tall by 21 feet wide, and 20 feet long.  Shelves are 8 feet tall 3 feet wide each.  I have to use a stool to reach the top two shelves.

It was hard to photograph but there are 6 recliners in the room.  Please ignore the red socked feet in the left side of the image, I told her she wouldn't be in the image,...hehehe.

Here it is with more of the lights off, but there is still one on behind me in the bar.  And yes that is a piece of duct tape on my Macbook Pro blocking the camera.

I'm hoping to have more time off in the upcoming years, so I'll work on my cable management and redo my acoustic paneling.


Your game room is so damn cozy - I love it!


Mine isnt that special and it is a work in progress....wont be as complex since I'd like my set ups to be simple in design.

Somewhat full view of my Entertainment/Media room - the table with the blue cover is my workstation when I work from home (chair is temporary, need to get a better one)

In view..

-75'' Sony x900f 4K TV from 2018
-Gaming Desktop PC from 2019
-Gaming Laptop PC from 2014
-Nintendo Switch from 2020
-Nintendo WiiU from 2014
-Playstation 3 from 2011
-Playstation 4 from 2015
-Controllers (various)
-Theater Sofa Set from 2018
-A Test PC with a monitor on top from 2016
-Workstation with dock station and two monitors from 2020
-15 ft USB extension for my controllers and my wired K/M


Other view of my entertainment/media room opposite of the consoles/PC set.

-Theater Sofa Set
-Surround sound speakers on the wall and a subwoofer behind the sofa set (cant see it from the pic)
-Another spare laptop
-Wireless keyboard I use for general purposes


This was suppose to be the game room but I made it in a R & R area (which is right outside my media room)

In view....

-40 inch (?) or something Sony Bravia TV from 2011
-A general PC hooked to the TV (on the left) from 2017
-A general PC (built like a gaming PC) on the right from 2020
-27'' HP FreeSync IPS LED Monitor from 2020 (replaced my old 23'' HP monitor from 2017)
-A old printer from 2010 which will be replaced next year
-Nintendo Wii from 2008
-Playstation 2 (covered) from 2003

Frontal View of my Console set


A close up of the left side of the console set

-Nintendo WiiU from 2014
-My Physical PS4 collection (which is like 20% to 25% of my PS4 collection)
-My Nintendo DS from 2007 with its charger on the left


The right side of my console set

-Playstation 3
-My Physical Nintendo Switch collection (which is like 90% of my Switch library)
-Leftover PS3 titles I still need to play
-Leftover WiiU titles I still need to play
-Two cases that contain my 3DS games
-My PSP 1000 series from 2005 and its charger (and battery which I put out so it wont discharge)


My controller set

-Dualshock 4 (Gold) for my PC gaming needs
-Dualshock 4 (Black) for my PS4
-Dualshock 3 (Black) for my PS3
-WiiU Pro controller (Black) for my WiiU
-Switch Grip Pad for my Switch
-Assorted chargers for each

Bonus - My 3DS from 2013

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