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Zkuq said:
TalonMan said:


I accidentally hit the "Delete" button on your post, instead of "Reply (a little sleep-deprived here, so I apologize) - anyway, you were not imaging things it turned out we were looking at similar but different things. You were looking at the wall presented on the Home tab of the Profile, while I was looking at the wall listing on the Wall tab of the Profile. In the Wall tab it was working correctly - on the Home tab, it was not.

I fixed it, so you should be good on this...

...sorry again about the post delete.

Suggestion: Add a confirmation dialog to deleting posts. Since there's no confirmation dialog for replying, you're not used to clicking 'Yes' in every dialog, so it should actually help.

I don't think I've used that Delete button once, in all my years on this site - I mean it!!! But yeah, any Delete should ALWAYS have a confimation dialog (I have never created a delete function for anything, that doesn't initiate a "Are you sure you want to do that?" type of message) - I'll add that to me 300+ list of items "to do"...