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IcaroRibeiro said:
Wyrdness said:

Problem is the discount approach impacts the returns a game can make, Astral Chain selling 1m at full price likely made more than what some games made selling 3m at bargain bin prices that for Nintendo is more key than numbers being a solely gaming focused company this is why they have discounts as part of their online subscription because they still make up what they lost from reducing the price.

It's a new franchise, it's more important to be know for as much people as possible in order to break a niche. With only 1 million sold I think it will hardly have an anticipated sequel 

Doubful, we've seen plenty franchises outgrow their considered niche predecessors to become midly-popular franchises. Best example for Nintendo has been the Xenoblade series.

Bayonetta 3 will also probably mark a new milestone in the franchise due to her now prominent presence in gaming icons (Smash).

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