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Whew, that was something! I know the list won't please everyone, but there's only so much you can do when trying to put together 10 years of information like this. For the sake of not overworking myself to death, I didn't look at any personal lists here, just the overall top 100 for each year, and then gave the games points based on that. Then you run into the obvious issue: what about games that released partway into the decade? Those games are at a natural disadvantage, after all. I tried to balance things out in several ways, even tried to come up with some miracle formula that took both the total points and the average into account in the most balanced way, but eventually I came to the conclusion none of that would lead to any good. So, instead of going with an arbitrary formula, I've stuck to the simple thing: the games are ranked solely and exclusively on their average position over all the years they've been eligible for. I understand this can also be unfair to an extent, as it can benefit newer games due to recency bias, but there's no truly fair way of going about this.

Personally, while I love these big results lists, I find that the heart of the event is in the individual lists each person makes, that moment to share *your* favorite games with everyone else. As such, I couldn't be okay with just celebrating games on this anniversary - what we really need to be celebrating here is the people who made this event as big as it is!

So, here's our very own Hall of Fame! We've had 288 different users submit their lists over this decade - that means a lot of you have done it multiple times - and everyone will be credited here. Thank you!!!

Last edited by mZuzek - on 01 November 2020

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