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Chrono Trigger 

I played it on emulator (sue me) in the beginning of the 2010's and the way it elaborated it's time mechanic into the story and especially it's environments was unexpected and charming to me enough. The characters were fun and even the story had superb moments of antology.

It lived up to my expectations without fail !

999/Virtues Last Rewards Zero Escape

The first games that convinced me in the greatness of the VN sub-genre after only thinking it was only good for romance sim,lol. Delivered on every point imaginable and now I remain standing and stan Uchikoshi.

Xenoblade Chronicles 

Technially, I completed the Definitive version and not the original but I can certainly agree with it's magnum status in the JRPG genre. The sense of scale in it's worldbuilding this game has is almost like none other. Honestly, generic fantasy-medieval landscapes might feel boring after experiencing these kind of worlds.

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