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VAMatt said:
Ka-pi96 said:

This is something that affects the community as a whole, so regardless of their personal opinions on the matter the mods should be at least willing to hear what the community things, and that can't be done in a PM.

Well said.  It's appropriate to discuss community issues with the community, even if some people may be weirded out by it.  

But it's not appropriate to approach this the way OP did.

Instead of asking a few questions first before making the thread, he proclaimed that we are in fact doing this to censor users. Didn't specify who he was talking about, so we wouldn't know if he's referring to someone that requested it, etc.

This was actually one of the reasons the Mod Thread was closed.
It's good that this brought attention to an issue that needed to be fixed. But the OP should have been more inquisitive, than accusative.

Last edited by Hiku - on 24 October 2020