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It's a pretty shitty thing to do to just completely censor anything based solely on who it was that posted it. Just because the user war banned doesn't mean each and every post they ever made should be removed too. Firstly, there may well have been some decent posts in there somewhere and even if there weren't there may have been some good posts from others that branched off from them that we've now lost the context too. I can't remember who it was that was banned that originally highlighted this as an issue to me (I didn't care enough about the specific user at the time to bring it up I guess) but the fact that their posts, and only their posts were removed was definitely an issue. I remember there being threads (that weren't an issue rule wise) that now no longer had an OP and that were otherwise fine, and may have even been continuing. But without the OP they now looked like a complete mess both to anyone that noticed that posts were gone, and new people who probably would have been confused about what on earth was going on in that thread. It's just not a good thing to do.

And even if it's solely spambots who are having their posts deleted it still shouldn't be done solely on the basis that VGC simply isn't equipped to deal with that kind of thing. I shouldn't be logging in to see an "orange" thread in my buddy that says "-3 new posts". WTF does that mean? It's telling me there are unread posts due to it being orange, but there are actually -3 unread posts? That... shouldn't be possible.

Edit: Seems it wasn't being done intentionally and it shouldn't be an issue going forward. Sorry if this post was overly accusational towards the mod team, but I'm glad that things were sorted out.

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 25 October 2020