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Chart time!

The Switch managed a very slight increase in its weekly average from August. I guess the restocks were more towards the end of August. I imagine if sales were tracked weekly we might see that the week of restocks would be higher than adjacent weeks, which may have resulted in a larger August and smaller September. October's results should help give us better context as well as reveal if sales trended down through September or remained steady.

The XBO's stock situation continues to improve. Though it was still down YoY, its weekly average was over 60% higher month-over-month.

The PS4 meanwhile was the only system whose weekly average was down from August, and it was a fairly substantial drop at 35%. September was the second-weakest month of the year for the PS4 so far, after January. Perhaps stock issues are the culprit again? Still, it's down only 20% year-over-year, better than the normal average drop for a system in its replacement year.

More charts to come. Probably tomorrow evening after I get home from work or some time Monday.