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AsGryffynn said:
Goatseye said:
Outer Worlds is a space western and very Victorian at it. Does everyone just want the setting of their games to end in punk?
What we have not had in a while is a contemporarypunk shooter, with a quality writing, like Spec Ops: The Line.
InXile most likely will dabble on the theme they know best, post apocalyptic. Even though Ryuu likes to say that Wasteland is a copy of Fallout, it really isn’t; from tone of their world to squad based style of gameplay in Wasteland series, they differ.

Seems like it. I just want a futuristic or modern day game that isn't gun/melee/underworld focused. Why is urban fantasy so hard to make a game for when it's essentially "GTA with swords and unicorns"?! 

Like, I really want a Percy Jackson, RWBY or Night Watch RPG...  

shikamaru317 said:

I want a very low-tech space western game personally. Lower case space, upper case WESTERN, if you know what I mean. Something more like Firefly where the technology level is very low outside of of the core planets,with lots of lawlessness on the frontier planets, and grounded, realistic, low tech weapons. I also want proper space combat options, bounty missions, ship customization, detailed character customization, and more in said game. Always dreamed of making that game myself, but I'm no AAA dev, and it would take a AAA budget to do it properly.

Maybe Starfield will be more like what I want, but I doubt it, it sounds more like it will be based on our real world timeline, except 50 or so years in the future when we first master long range interplanetary travel and start colonization efforts on planets outside of our solar system. It'll be low tech sci-fi, but without the western elements I think. 

So Cowboy Bebop then... 

Out of curiosity, what kind of setting would RWBY's Remnant be? I always liked that kind of "semi Victorian but with modern technology" aesthetic. 

There is another RWBY game in development, but I'm not sure what genre it is. 

Yeah, Cowboy Bebop and Firefly have somewhat similar settings, both are the kind of low-tech space western that I love. On that subject, now would be a good time to make a Cowboy Bebop game, with Netflix working on a live action adaptation of it that is expected to be very popular.

RWBY setting is kind of unique. There are steampunk elements for sure, like the semi-Victorian clothing styles of some characters, the airships, and Qrow's transforming clockwork sword/scythe. But there are also modern and modern-futuristic elements as well.