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Marth said:
mk7sx said:

Here's HW!

NSW 666,400

PS4 158,300

XBO 91,500

NSW misses all time record vs. Wii 08 by 21K.  Second highest Sep of all time (even ahead of NDS) and only the second time we've crossed 600K in September.

EDIT: Welfare on Era says:




VGCs USA September 2020 currently:

NSW: 606k
PS4: 189k
XBO: 71k

@trunkswd we got numbers!

I'm adjusting our North American September numbers as we speak. US figures are a good indicator for Canada and Latin America.

Edit: Preadjustment we had figures of:

Switch - 747,000

PS4 - 224,000

Xbox One - 87,000

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