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Runa216 said:
Replicant said:

Exiting a hideout in Miles Morales brings up a loading screen on PS4. No loading on PS5.

This is pretty amazing. 

But I have to ask: The Xbox Series X has an SSD as well, so why are we not hearing much about loading times and snappy adaptations on that system if it has similar functionality? 

Also, for people saying "Miles Morales is on PS4, therefore it's not taking advantage of the PS5" Can stuff it. Seriously, this is worlds apart in experience and flow.

This is a first party exclusive, so they can design it to utilize the PS5's SSD without worrying about how it'll function on other systems.

So for a comparison we'd have to see an Xbox exclusive on Series X. And unless it's a Remaster or re-using an old engine, how would we know if there was supposed to be a loading screen at a certain point or not?

Aside from that, I have heard comments about fast loading time on Series X. They're not going to be as fast as the PS5's, but it's going to be hard to find direct comparisons for exclusives, which are the games that can make the most out of their respective SSDs.
For third party multiplats, we'll be able to see some comparisons on Digital Foundry once the systems are out.