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Last movie I saw in theater was Sonic, back in February. I do have theaters that are open in my area, but they're mainly playing older movies, many of which I already own and could watch at home, so I haven't felt any reason to go to a theater.

At the rate things are going, Covid is going to kill theater/cinema. The largest theater chains in the US are all struggling big time right now financially, AMC just said they may be bankrupt by the end of the year, and Regal and another were forced to temporarily close all locations and temporarily layoff all their workers until sometime in 2021, just so they wouldn't go bankrupt. Many movie studios are now talking about having day one digital rentals for $20 or $30 on all movies even after the Covid threat ends, which would deal a major blow the theaters/cinemas, as it is much cheaper to stay at home and rent the digital version than to pay $10 per person plus jacked up concession stand prices, especially if you have a larger family. "The times, they are a changing" as the saying goes. I will miss the old days of theater. Thankfully I still have a drive-in theater in my area, a non-profit one ran by volunteers, so I will still be able to watch new movies there even if my local indoor theaters close down in the future.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 15 October 2020