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hatmoza said:
RolStoppable said:

Not many picks that demand consideration this week. First off, the Bears still suck.

Jaguars vs. Texans is a matchup where I am not ready to believe that the Texans are absolute basket case this season. Contrary to the Falcons who have failed me time and time again, except against Green Bay where they did what they were supposed to.

Then there's the third game, Colts vs. Browns, which is tricky. The Colts have a good defense, but the Browns offense has been coming together. The Colts offense has Philip Rivers who is past his prime and always good for giveaways, so despite me rooting for Indianapolis, I'll side with Cleveland.

The other twelve games were all easy picks. But again, the Bears still suck.

When I read this last night, I knew we were fucked with our predictions. You are a CURSE!

There were only two upsets on Sunday (Raiders and Dolphins won), so the prediction league is doing well in week 5.

Out of now only 14 games this week, there were only five that didn't receive an unanimous vote of confidence. One of them was the Thursday game where a single guy picked the Bears. Another three of them were on Sunday, exactly the games I talked about in the post above. I got all three of them right because of my consideration.

The final toss-up game of week 5 is Chargers vs. Saints where two people picked Los Angeles.

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