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So, I generally avoid the politics sub-forum here on VGC like a plague, but I saw this picture that is making the rounds right now and just had to post it, mostly because of how stupid it is:

The picture was supposedly made by a left wing person on Tumblr to signal to other left wing gamers which series they should avoid playing, and went viral on Twitter with most people making fun of how stupid the lists are. As a right wing gamer myself, I definitely see a few games on each list that I agree with, there are a few games on the left list that I hate (because of their political message), and several on the right list that I love, but there are also several games on the left list that I enjoy and several of the right list that I dislike.

But the main theme of this whole list is that alot of these just don't make any sense. For some reason he thinks FF7 is right wing, even though you play as a member of a group of eco-terrorists who attack a power company for endangering the planet, that's a pretty left wing message if you ask me. Meanwhile he has Pokemon on the left wing list, a series which left wing organization PETA hates because you enslave animals and make them fight each other. There are many other games on each list that just don't make any sense at all.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 09 October 2020