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burninmylight said:

I've seen other posters more informed than myself that the devs have tweeted that patches are coming to fix these issues.

I've slept on the first Ori, thinking that it was a good 2D platformer, but would probably be another grain of sand on the beach full of 2D platformers on a Ninty console. After seeing reviews for both games and seeing that a physical collection is coming in December, I'm going to jump in.

Yeah, they did talk about it already.

Generally I get annoyed when people call Metroidvanias platformers, but in the case of Ori it's hard to make a case for that. Both games have very little backtracking and are pretty linear, they don't really leave anything interesting for the player to find in exploration outside of the main stuff everyone's gonna see. So it does feel more like a proper platformer than any other Metroidvania.

...But in terms of the gameplay itself, although it is quite good, it maybe is another grain of sand in the Nintendo beach. What really sets these games apart is the story, art direction and soundtrack, it's an artistic experience as much as it is a game.