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TruckOSaurus said:
Bristow9091 said:
Got it today, my girlfriend is currently playing Sunshine and it's upscaled really nice... Apparently you can't backwards long jump on SM64 anymore though so I can't do an 8 minute speedrun anymore, feelsbadman. Oh well, it's the best 3D Mario game (Fight me!) so I'll enjoy playing it properly again :)

I was never a fan of those speed runs in the first place. 120 stars or 70 stars runs are so entertaining to watch compared to ones that use that glitch.

Just done a 70 star run in 1:04, I'm rusty and there's plenty of areas I could improve... my PB for 70 star was 54 minutes but I've not done it in years, always gone for Any% runs, which are basically no star lol