Bofferbrauer2 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Can you really count somebody as an "option" in a presidential election when they have no chance whatsoever of winning?

It's kind of like betting on somebody on a boxing undercard to win the title fight. Like, they're associated with it and they'll be there, but they aren't actually even in the title fight.

By that logic, you could just as well outlaw all parties or independents who aren't the democrats or the GOP to run for the presidential election.

An option is an option, no matter their chances in the end.

It was meant as a pop at America's broken electoral system in which only 2 parties actually have a chance to win and it's a case of win or get absolutely nothing...

So I'd much rather they change the laws so that all parties and independents could actually benefit and have some say, even if they don't win the election.

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