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Wow, so I was reading up about Frogwares. They have been cheated by distribution partners twice before. The distribution partners on their 2002 Sherlock game tried to cheat them out of royalties and they had to sue them. Then recently Focus Home Interactive, who published their games from 2014-2016, tried to do the exact same thing that Nacon did, tried to make it look like they owned the rights to the games, even though Frogwares only signed a deal with them to be a distribution partner. Frogwares terminated their contract with Focus Home last year and are now self-publishing their older Sherlock Games, and now they terminated this contract with Nacon after Nacon tried to cheat them on the last Sherlock Holmes game and the Sinking City.

No wonder Frogwares is self-publishing the next Sherlock Holmes game instead of looking for another publisher. The whole damn industry is filled with nothing but dirtbag publishers.