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shikamaru317 said:
Bristow9091 said:
Since when is Yakuza 7 a timed next gen exclusive for XSX? o.O

For awhile now. The game is releasing in the west on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and PS4 this year, will get a PS5 version later in 2021 most likely. PS5 people can still play it with lesser graphics through backwards compatibility though.

Well fuck, never knew about that lol. I know Sega did eventually mention it coming to PS5, but I thought they meant at the same time as XSX... oh well, I don't mind waiting lol. As long as XBOX players get to play it without PlayStation fans having to compromise (Is waiting a few months really that big a deal?) I don't mind, Yakuza is one of those series' I rate VERY highly and feel everyone should get to experience it!