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RolStoppable said:
CGI-Quality said:

A few blatant lies that need correcting...

A) When Miguel left, Ryuu and I were both Head Mods. Ryuu had some stuff happen in that time (away from VGC) and needed to step down (we even had a thread that highlighted this change) - ironically, one of the only moderator threads that you didn't participate in.
B) The closure of The Moderator Thread was 100% a team decision 

So I'm going to put this nicely, stop letting your conspiracies run wild. And yes, I'm stepping it up to a warning now. 

Already addressed the misunderstanding in my response to Ryuu.

The subsequent question is why there was no need for a second and third head moderator anymore. I won't speculate on it, because you said I shouldn't. Straight-forward question that can be expanded to will we see a return of a second or even third head moderator in the foreseeable future.

There will always be additions and changes to how we run things, but there definitely should be no fear of a rampant dictatorship. Everyone won't like/or agree with me and many of the mods, but we're still going to respect the ideals of the site.