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I dislike Apple and Epic almost equally.

I do want some of Apple's app store policies to change, however, Epic will almost certainly lose this lawsuit, legally I don't see how Apple did anything wrong, they have a ToS, which Epic broke, it's as simple as that.

I'd rather Epic worked with EU on an antitrust against Apple to try to change some of their store policies because that is honestly the only way Apple is going to change, they will likely win the lawsuit Epic has filed against them and they won't really give a crap about angry Fortnite users when they continue being one of the richest companies in the world.

I also really don't like how Epic is essentially doing a "Gamers Rise Up" with it's fanbase, it feels wrong and kinda fucked up, Epic is basically setting attack dogs in the form of gamers against companies they have a disagreement with, bunch of angry rabid fans will not really help anything, settle it in the courts.

Imagine Epic having a disagreement with Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft, no matter how small and thus they set their fanbase on them, it's a pretty shitty tactic.

Ngl the whole thing is pretty funny though, both companies suck, Android is probably loving it, I still think only EU will change Apple so let Apple/Epic have their little fight, won't really change much I don't think, both companies suck but I hope Apple changes some policies.