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SvennoJ said:

People get excited about 10x the tflops compared to last gen. But somehow fail to see what implications up to 1000x the I/O speed can have.
This is the difference between SSD and HDD on my laptop


Input/Output doesn't "buzz" like teraflops do. But, of course I agree with you.

That said, PC, itself, needs to take better advantage of the NVMe. Yes, so far, I've noticed a small upgrade in speed but nothing like what I saw when I went from my 7200 RPM HDD to a SATA SSD. For this coming gen to truly be a difference on the platform, games are going to have to start taking advantage of those drives. Seeing as that's what I expect, I'm not too frayed, but until that happens, only the consoles will really be able to flex an NVMe.

But, that just goes right back to your point ~ people should really look closer at these types of changes over just your typical graphical upgrades.