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Immersiveunreality said:
,DonFerrari said:
Seems like more than half of the leak was wrong and people got pissed for nothing, but sure that allowed early hatred for the game.

Yeah early ''hatred'' is always a bit unwise,always best to see the whole thing before forming a more solid opinion.

This thread is something else, the best posts are from people saying this is a betrayer for ALL fans, EVERYONE hates Abby, ABBY JUST THERE TO KILL JOEL, this is like game of Thrones!!! , This is not What ALL fans wanted!!! Telling by people that didnt played the first and never intended to play the second, telling fans What they should feel based on a leak that hás half wrong.

Ned Stark died in the first season and people loved it for example, the late seasons people complained no One died, people complained that in MCU Avengers and people never die, and when Someone loved dies ? This is What hapens.😂