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To me, it's a combination of everything.

It has to be beautiful, either creatively or graphically. It has to have best in class music, such as orchestral music and music that fits the gameplay, or the best quality of music at the time. It has to have a deep story that means something to me, it has to come and get me. The mood needs to be very delicately made, the lore and characters need to be rich. The gameplay needs to make me feel like I am the character, and needs to be tight. The more intricate the skills in the game, and the more important mastering those skills is, the more engaged I get. The game should preferably have non-forced world-shattering moments that stick with me.

In essence, for me the game needs to make me forget myself. I can list a few games, but I'll limit it to the top few:
- Ocarina of Time
- Warcraft III
- Final Fantasy IV
- Final Fantasy VII
- Diablo II
- Super Mario 64
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Super Metroid
- Myst