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Like lived it , hearing kids calling you out etc and having arguements or fights or anything that revolved around the fanboyism of the Genesis vs Super nintendo ? Did you get bullied by any console fanboy/s groups? did you feel proud punching a said fanboy back in 1991/1993 I'm talking like if you were old enough for those console warrior battle scars at school XD lol if you were not in school around 1991 to 1993 you did not experience the heart heart of true fanboyism of sega vs nintendo . Im guessing most here experience the fanboyism of N64 / ps1 and the barely Sega Saturn or heard stories of Sega does What Nintendont but were not old enough to punch another student back in 1993 I'll just bring this here this ad of genesis bullying nintendo but it was a great history piece in americas.This is for those that stood and lived the actual 4th gen I have seen it I lived it it was scary. more than microsoft entering the market with xbox one or less scary of sony ps1 entering the market though everybody forgot about sega saturn existed so schools only talked n64 or ps1 Im like really? 5th gen fanboyism felt soft core with ps1 and 6th gen too xbox vs ps2 felt softcore 

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