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So hey guys, if you went by my previous thread I finally built my PC.

Everything went fine, well except I got RGB fans that won't light up.

Each fan has only a 6 pin connector and go throught a controller that connects into the molex cable of my power supply.

When I turn my PC on everything else lights up, the fans spin but there is no light in them.

I got some cheap Redragon RGB fans, the model is GC-F007, I can't find much about them specifically regarding instalation, but I found similar ones that went by the same process I made and work fine.

It doesn't seem like it has any software to enable the lights as it just doesn't pass through the motherboard at all, and as the fans only have one connector there is nowhere else to plug them aside of the controller.

Pressing any button on the remote or on the controller won't make a thing either.

So I'm puzzled on what could it be.

I doubt all the leds are faulty, and the controller work since the fans get the power to spin.

What do you think could solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Last edited by BraLoD - on 10 April 2020