curl-6 said:

The current global circumstances don't really have a historical precedent for Nintendo. I do think it's most likely their second half will be stronger than the first as is usually the case, but can they still deliver in the middle of a pandemic, which could slow software development?

Japan hasn't been hit hard by corona and that's where most of Nintendo's developers are located. Although there are news that the Japanese government has fudged the numbers in order to be able to host the olympic games this year, so it's a wait and see game to find out how much truth there is to such claims.

But assuming a bad scenario with a two month long halt on software development, that only pushes the games scheduled for late 2020 into next year. That may sound bad because it would affect the big holiday title, but it still keeps the initially planned July to October lineup within 2020. Sales are less of an issue than the release schedule, because Nintendo has already built a strong catalogue of evergreens on Switch.

But in any case, 2020 for Switch won't be a Wii U-like year like your hyperbole from another thread suggested.

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