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This needs to be said.

2020.  Take most of your usual video game expectations for a given year, open the nearest window and throw them out.  We are in a global crisis unlike any of us have ever seen.  It will impact absolutely everything in some form.  Release dates, expectations, expenses, etc...that window I mentioned, yeah, they and much more should all be well below your window by now.  If not, do so now.  I'll wait....

Tossed them all out?  Good.  News, information, rumors, etc...are going got be sparse, often changing or flat out wrong. Some things will remain normal.  Other things will alter in ways we never suspected.

E3?  Gone.  In fact, do not be surprised if we now exist in the post-E3 world.  As in it's not coming back in least in the form we're familiar with.

Our demands as loyal consumers are going to be tested. And we are going to be dissatisfied along the way. Games we anticipated.  News we expected.  Stuff we pre-ordered. Not all of it is going to abide by our scheduled expectations.

But one element of normalcy won't be broken.  Online communities. 
Social distancing is built in.  Not by choice but by function. We will continue to discuss the latest announced games, our favorites from the past, upcoming consoles, what sold the most each week, etc...

So while what we talk about, what we expect and what we wish for may all be tempered with a new dose of harsh, cold reality....the community persists.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."