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padib said:
CGI-Quality said:

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Listen, the PS5's SSD is top of the line, it's clear. In the end, my point is that SSDs have been a very old advancement in the world of gaming, and the PS5's inclusion of one is not revolutionary in the sense that PCs have had it for years, showing great increase in the quality of the gaming experience.

The XsX will also have a top of the line SSD, and the comparable gain there is debatable. What is truly more likely to play a factor in the overall performance of the console spec-wise is the cooling design and the high specs of the XsX GPU and CPUs.

I personally, and I say personally, am not impressed with the inclusion of SSDs, as I have been using SSD technology for many years now, even when playing PC games. I am also not very happy at the PR that is travelling the internet saying that comparing the teraflops is a bad metric and that the SSD is a revolution. I am concerned by it (truly) and I hope people are not being misled by it.

The team at Microsoft did a wicked job at pushing the specs, and, in my opinion, the upgrade that Sony did with the SSD is mostly in the io pipeline, since Cerny's video tells us that off the shelf SSDs will be pluggable into the PS5.

So even if it is top of the line, from an engineering point of view, I don't see the SSD upgrade as something to make a big case about.

I can for sure improve my tone, but needless to say I was a bit annoyed about the fuss people are making about the upgrade, since consoles are very late behind PCs on this spec. Devs say it is a game-changer, but that is in contrast to past consoles. In contrast with PCs, it's not really.

That's my point of view.

I'll definitely check your link.

Pemalite said it best ~ we have to wait for the games to release for the real talking to begin. Just remember that that SSD is not like any we've seen and that is why it's getting that sort of buzz. It isn't simply to hand Sony some brownie points (at least, it shouldn't be). They really did their homework (despite being out brute forced by Microsoft). 

From an engineering pov, both of these machines are top of their class (one was always going to be more powerful). An SSD (just to keep to the point of the thread) is a big deal in and of itself, but these consoles' SSDs are on another level, and just based on the way people dissected it, the PS5's promises to be the victor on that end. 

But yeah, the best plan of action (for all of us) is to let time take its course. By this time next year, we'll have a much better idea!