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CGI-Quality said:
padib said:

Go what? I've already mentioned that it doesn't make a considerable difference at the scale we're talking about.

Also, why are you posting a gif of a monkey? We're supposed to be civilized, not tribal.

Monkeys can be civilized and humans can be tribal. Moot point.

As for the 'go what', no, your explanation leaves plenty of questions and the professionals have already answered them. It will make a considerable difference. I was hoping you gave me a little more, but bah. Guess not.

Only advice I can offer? Look for the results in under a year!

Monkeys are animals, and humans can be like monkeys sometimes, that is very true.

CGI, do you know what the specs are of the SSD in the XsX?

I've got my gloves on, say what your point is because I've already given all of mine.

From the techradar article, again:

"[PS5] will be able to run content (if not games) at an 8K resolution, and it will also support 120Hz refresh rates at 4K. The Xbox Series X will match the PS5 by offering DirectX ray-tracing capabilities, and it’ll have a super-fast internal NVMe SSD (which can be expanded with a propriety NVMe card), and can be utilised as virtual RAM to lift load times by up to 40x. "

What is it that I have said that you disagree with?