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padib said:
CGI-Quality said:

That myth is? And I want an actual response, not these hit and run replies you've been feeding everyone else.

I have a career in this stuff, so I hope you make it interesting. I've read all of your replies in here and still haven't been given any indisputable reason why the NVMe in the PS5, that is the fastest in any consumer electronic to date, isn't a big deal in any sort of functional way (yes, that is what you're saying).

Go what? I've already mentioned that it doesn't make a considerable difference at the scale we're talking about.

Also, why are you posting a gif of a monkey? We're supposed to be civilized, not tribal.

Monkeys can be civilized and humans can be tribal. Moot point.

As for the 'go what', no, your explanation leaves plenty of questions and the professionals have already answered them. It will make a considerable difference. I was hoping you gave me a little more, but bah. Guess not.

Only advice I can offer? Look for the results in under a year!